Stasera una mia intervista radiofonica in inglese con Philip Coppens e Kathleen McGowan per il loro programma ‘The Spirit Revolution’

Ieri sera, 7 giugno, sono stato intervistato da Philip CoppensKathleen McGowan per il loro programma radiofonico ‘The Spirit Revolution‘. Oltre un’ora in inglese affrontando argomenti come la Sacra Sindone (tema principale è stato il mio ultimo libro Sindone, Firenze e i misteri del Sacro Telo, edizioni Press&Archeos), i Templari, i misteri di Firenze e di Dante.

Una grandissima soddisfazione e la scoperta di due studiosi davvero eccezionali!

La trasmissione sarà ascoltabile stasera su BBS Radio Station 1
6:00 – 6:55 PM (PST) – 9:00 – 9:55 PM (EST)

Enrico Baccarini is an Italian journalist who has unveiled the missing years of the Turin Shroud. The Shroud mysteriously appeared in 1353 in Lirey, in the hands of Geoffrey de Charney. But Baccarini has traced the shroud back to Florence, to Walter VI, who briefly reigned over the city, before sent to France, where he connected with his relatives, de Charney family. Baccarini shows that there is far more mystery to Florence than commonly accepted, and that this dates back much earlier than commonly assumed, including the likes of Dante Alighieri.
L’intervista può essere ascoltata in archivio anche su The Spirit Revolution

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The Spirit Revolution is a weekly one hour radio show, in which Kathleen McGowan and Philip Coppens serve up a riveting cocktail of news, opinion and interviews with leaders in the fields of alternative science, revisionist history and transformational self-help.


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