War God: Nights of the Witch by Graham Hancock


From Graham Hancock Facebook official profile:

Less than three weeks to go until publication of War God: Nights of the Witch, my first historical novel. It’s set during the Spanish conquest of Mexico (1519-1521), a turning point in human history comparable to the feats of Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar and Genghis Khan. It is at one level an epic tale of daring deeds, of adventure, of the clash of battle and of the worst excesses of male violence. But at a more fundamental level it is the story of two amazing native American women and of the triumph of their courage, their will, their ingenuity and their capacity to love in a world wounded and twisted out of shape by forces beyond their control. There are also strong supernatural elements in the story to do with demonic involvement in human choices and behaviour.

Pre-order at Amazon UK (http://amzn.to/Tnfc4q) where the book is now available in hardback for just £12 (about US$19), write to me at wargoddedications@gmail.com to let me know you have done so and as a sign of my appreciation I’ll send you a signed, dedicated bookplate at my own expense to place inside your copy. The best deal for those living outside the UK who would like to take up this offer is from the Book Depository (http://bit.ly/11x0T0Y) where the hardback is available for £15 (about US$23) with free delivery anywhere in the world. UK delivery is also available free from Amazon. International deliveries are by airmail from both Amazon UK and the Book Depository and takes about a week so copies ordered before 30 May should reach you by 7-10 June. The UK edition is also available for preorder from Amazon Canada (http://amzn.to/UG3PHd) with an August (rather than May) publication date. But whether you live in the UK, the US, Europe, Australia or anywhere else in the world, my promise remains the same.

Write to me at wargoddedications@gmail.com and I will reply to your email personally and send you a signed bookplate with the dedication of your choice. The bookplate is designed to be placed on the title page. Unfortunately I will not be able to sustain this offer after 30 May. I take my promises seriously, I do respond to every email personally, I do make out the bookplates personally, stamp the envelopes and post them myself. All this takes time and care and I’ll be under too much pressure after publication to continue. To help you decide whether War God is for you or not I’ve made two sample chapters available free online here: http://www.grahamhancock.com/wargod/background.php. There’s also a series of background articles giving more details about the content of the book and in the sidebar you’ll find further details about pre-ordering and answers that I’ve written to some frequently asked questions.”

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